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Mountain View, CA -  May 31, 2024 -  Iridex Corporation (NASDAQ: IRIX), a provider of innovative ophthalmic laser-based medical products for the treatment of glaucoma and retinal diseases, will showcase its latest non-incisional glaucoma treatments at the 16th European Glaucoma Society (EGS) Congress in Dublin, Ireland, from June 1-4, 2024. Attendees are invited to explore Iridex's glaucoma laser solutions at Booth #55.

"We are pleased to take part in the EGS, where we will highlight our versatile laser platforms and advanced technologies, providing a continuum of care from early to end-stage glaucoma," said Steven J Koufos; Vice President, Global Marketing.

MicroPulse Transscleral Laser Therapy (TLT)
A versatile, non-incisional, and repeatable procedure for glaucoma treatment using the Iridex Cyclo G6® Laser System and MicroPulse P3® Delivery Device.

Iridex-hosted MicroPulse TLT Drylab Session

  • Sunday, June 2, 2024, titled “Non-incisional Glaucoma Treatment – The Versatility of MicroPulse Transscleral Laser Therapy” in Liffey Room 2, 10:30am-12:00pm

Posters on Iridex-patented MicroPulse® Technology

  • Comparison of one-year outcomes between combined micropulse transscleral diode cyclo-photocoagulation with phacoemulsification and combined Hydrus microstent with phacoemulsification
  • Safety and efficacy of micropulse transscleral cyclophotocoagulation in eyes affected by advanced primary glaucoma
  • Micropulse transscleral cyclophotocoagulation in the treatment of secondary ocular hypertension in the eyes with vitreous hemorrhage Continuous-wave Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation (CW-TSCPC)

Continuous-wave Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation (CW-TSCPC)
Performed with the Cyclo G6® using G-Probe® and G-Probe Illuminate® delivery devices, offering a cost- effective, safe, and effective non-incisional glaucoma care solution.

Dedicated symposium on Continuous-wave and MicroPulse laser

  • Associacion Argentina de Glaucoma Symposium - Continuous Diode and Micropulse Laser: The practice, its scope and current result

MicroPulse® Laser Trabeculoplasty (MLT)
Supported by Iridex 532 nm, 577 nm, and 810 nm laser platforms, MLT is a reasonable first-line therapy to address concerns of patient compliance with medical therapy, reduce patient costs and avoid medication side effects.

  • Stela Vujosevic, MD, PhD, FEBO; Head of Medical Retina Unit at the University Eye Clinic, MultiMedica in Milan, Italy, commented, “Since 2009, I have been researching, and clinically applying, Iridex’ MicroPulse technology for safe and efficacious treatment of retinal disorders. More recently, my colleagues and I investigated the changes in intraocular pressure, functional parameters, and multimodal imaging in patients with ocular hypertension after MicroPulse Laser Trabeculoplasty. We are excited to share our research at EGS.”

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About Iridex In 2024, Iridex Corporation celebrates its 35th anniversary as a worldwide leader in developing innovative and versatile laser-based medical systems, delivery devices, and consumable instrumentation for the ophthalmology market. The Company’s proprietary MicroPulse® technology delivers a differentiated treatment that provides safe, effective, and proven therapy for targeted sight- threatening eye conditions. Iridex’ products treat glaucoma, diabetic macular edema, and other retinal diseases. Iridex products are sold in the United States and Germany through a direct sales force and in more than 100 countries through a network of independent distributors. For more information, visit

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