2940nm Erbium

Laser resurfacing has stood the test of time and remains the true gold standard for many cosmetic concerns, including fine wrinkling around the eyes, forehead, nose, and mouth as well as the lingering effects of chicken pox, acne scars, superficial pigmented lesions, and other surface abnormalities. Venus Erbium Laser was designed to meet and exceed this standard by offering exceptional efficacy and versatility. Treatments can range from a series of light ‘no-downtime’ peels to a single deep peel where each line is carefully sculpted.

Deliver superior outcomes

  • Ablation is the standard of care for true wrinkle and scar revision
  • Remove wrinkled, scarred, rough, or uneven skin without the downtimes seen with other methods of resurfacing

Offer downtime versatility

  • Deliver a series of superficial peels with low down times or a single deep peel for similar results

Provide quick treatments

  • Treat an entire face in 7 to 10 minutes
  • 7 mm spot size and quick repetition rates enable fast treatment of hands, neck and chest

Deliver energy evenly

  • Flat top beam profile provides uniform energy delivery eliminating hot spots

Sculpt precisely

  • Deliver beam diameters ranging from 1 to 7 mm
  • Small spot sizes enable precise sculpting of deeper wrinkles or scars

Move easily

  • Small size and light weight enables ease of movement between treatment rooms
  • Light, ergonomic, easy to move handpiece
  • Compatible with standard power outlets

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