Tightening has garnered exceptional patient interest. From small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth to lifting and tightening of lax skin, tightening is sure to be a procedure that gets attention.

Tightening is a word used to describe a method of treating a host of cosmetic concerns including pore size, texture, fine lines, and laxity without ablating the skin. The improvement is achieved by way of deep-heating the skin causing immediate collagen shrinkage and stimulating collagen generation. Nd:YAG is an exceptionally deep heating wavelength and is well suited to facilitate deep tissue heating.

Superior treatments are enabled by delivering deeply penetrating wavelengths.

Clinical Outcomes:

  • Nd: YAG treatment of wrinkles - 6 treatments – for coarse wrinkles -22.3%, skin laxity – 36.3%, and overall improvement -40.6%1
  • Nd: YAG treatment of acne scars: 3 treatments - 58% of patients had 30-40% improvement, 42% had 11-29% improvement2

1 Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery/Volume 5 July/August 2003 Steven Dayan, MD, John Vartanian, MD, Gregg Menaker, MD, Steven Mobley, MD, Alyssa Dayan, MD
2 Dermatologic Surgery 2004; 31:903-909 Dina Yaghmai, MD, Jerome Garden, MD, Abnoeal Bakus, MD, Mary Massa, MD