Maximizing the Value of Your Investment

IRIDEX knows that choosing the right laser is not just about selecting the correct wavelength; it’s also about choosing the right company. As a leader in laser-based medicine, IRIDEX has spent years developing a level of support unmatched in the industry. Whether it is your first day or first decade in business, IRIDEX stands with you.

Reliable 24/7 Technical Support

For preventative maintenance or technical support, our knowledgeable technical support team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Need assistance with your laser? Call 1-800-388-4747 or email

Clinical Support and Training

As a result of years of research and physician input, IRIDEX has developed an in-depth clinical training program to help you safely achieve the best patient outcomes with your IRIDEX laser. During this hands-on program, you will learn to utilize a host of treatment guidelines, parameters, and customizable forms specially developed for new practices.

Knowledgeable Sales Force

Our sales representatives are available to assist you in finding the laser that is most suitable for your practice. To find the sales representative in your area, call 1-800-388-4747.

Business and Marketing Support

As a complete service provider, IRIDEX offers a set of tools designed to help you grow your practice revenues and profitability and build a greater return on your IRIDEX investment.

Practice Enhancement Kit

The Practice Enhancement Kit includes steps to effectively and successfully promote and market IRIDEX laser treatments in any practice. It offers a systematic road map to marketing a practice, along with tips and tools including: patient acquisition techniques, advertising samples and templates, patient waiting room DVD, patient education pamphlets, waiting room lobby signs, and photo album with before and after photos.

Physician Locator

Potential patients can search this database on our website to find local physicians who provide the laser treatment they are seeking.

Customers who wish to be included in this listing can register by going to

Consulting Services

Laser Advantage Consulting is an aesthetic business team that can help you with building and sustaining a successful aesthetic business. With Laser Advantage you can be sure you will have all of the pieces needed to successfully market and manage your practice.

Services include:

  • Laser Advantage Consultant: A consultant is available to answer your questions related to marketing and building your practice.
  • Online Support Program, which offers tips and templates on:
    • Marketing to your existing patient base
    • Driving new patient traffic to your practice
    • Advertising
    • Treatment procedure protocols
    • Business management

For more information on Laser Advantage Consulting, contact Neil Blanchard at or 702-589-7474. Or check out their website:


For questions, or to contact any of our support teams, call 1-800-388-4747 or 650-962-8100. You can also email




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