Unsightly leg veins are a very common concern among women. Exceptional outcomes will assure that demand exceeds industry norms.

Like many cosmetic concerns leg veins are caused by a number of issues from simple genetic predisposition and age to hormonal changes and prolonged standing. Fortunately outside of serious medical problems that would need to be treated surgically, many smaller leg veins (less than 4mm) can be successfully and permanently removed using lasers. Treatments are well liked by patients as the most common endpoint is immediate vessel disappearance. While complete clearance will take time, this immediate effect makes for rapid ‘word of mouth’ popularity.

Quick Facts:

  • Visible leg veins are observed in 72% of women between 60-69.17 Million people seek treatment for acne every year1
  • Concern is higher in westernized countries due to lifestyle and activity choices 1

Superior treatments are enabled by precisely targeting vessel while cooling skin.

Clinical Outcomes:

  • Nd:YAG for 0.5 to 3mm leg veins - 80% of patients had a greater than 75% clearing. Ninety percent of patients were highly satisfied with the treatment results at 6 months 2
  • Nd:YAG for 1.5 to 4mm leg veins … 15% showed moderate improvement, 25% showed good improvement and 60% exhibited excellent improvement. 3
  • Nd:YAG for the treatment of Venous Lake of the Lip 94% cleared completely, incomplete clearance in 6%. There were no reported complications 4


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