532 nm KTP and Long-pulsed 1064 nm Nd:YAG

With two distinct wavelengths to choose from, long-pulse 1064nm Nd:YAG and 532 nm KTP, the Gemini® stands out in an exploding non-invasive aesthetic laser market by pushing the envelope on versatility, speed and effectiveness while maintaining the safety and reliability record of a company that has been developing surgical grade laser systems since 1989.

Learn more about the Gemini by reading the Practical Dermatology Supplement on Tried and True Laser systems.


With two distinct laser wavelengths in the same system, the Gemini® supports over 25 of today’s fastest growing cosmetic applications including acne, wrinkles, diffuse redness, age spots, and unwanted hair. In addition, using computer-assisted settings, an intuitive touch screen interface, and either of two handpieces (Variable 1-5mm or 10mm VersaStat); users can set the Gemini® for the treatment of either large areas or small spots, dialing settings appropriate to each issue and patient.


By increasing peak power by over 350% on the KTP and 20% on the Nd:YAG, and increasing the spot size to a new industry standard of 10 mm, the Gemini® cuts treatment times for many procedures in half.

Optional Accessory:

ClearView™ 3

ClearView 3

The ClearView 3 headset is an all-in-one solution to eye safety, magnified vision, and cross polarization illumination during laser treatments for vascular, pigmented and cutaneous lesions.

  • Lightweight headset with adjustable headband
  • Combines adjustable polarization with illumination
  • Enhances visualization of subsurface structures
  • Eye safety filters provide protectection against 532 nm, 940 nm, and 1064nm laser light
  • Compatible with multiple laser systems




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