532 nm KTP Diode Pumped, Solid-State Laser

(For sale outside of the USA)

The DioLiteXP offers solid-state reliability, true portability, efficient operation, and clinical versatility. It provides the physician all the tools necessary to successfully treat vascular and pigmented lesions with optimal treatment results. The high power and short pulse durations give true selective photothermolysis and eliminate postoperative purpura.

The laser uses a standard wall outlet, consumes less than 350 Watts of electrical power and has no special cooling requirements. The laser has a low cost of ownership with no routine maintenance and minimal operating costs.

The complete system includes the DioLiteXP laser console, 3 handpieces, a ClearView™ polarized light illumination system, and patient/physician glasses.

Optional Accessory:

ScanLiteXP™ Scanner

ScanLite XP
  • Quickly and uniformly distributes laser energy over large-area vascular and pigmented lesions
  • Ideal for full-face treatments to eliminate blemishes, producing a more even skin texture and tone
  • 50 Hz allows rapid delivery of MicroSpotâ„¢ exposures
  • User-friendly design allows easy selection of a variety of pattern shapes, sizes and densities to ensure better target matching and minimization of collateral thermal damage
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handpiece to minimize operator fatigue

ClearView™ 3

ClearView 3

The ClearView 3 headset is an all-in-one solution to eye safety, magnified vision, and cross polarization illumination during laser treatments for vascular, pigmented and cutaneous lesions.

  • Lightweight headset with adjustable headband
  • Combines adjustable polarization with illumination
  • Enhances visualization of subsurface structures
  • Eye safety filters provide protectection against 532 nm, 940 nm, and 1064nm laser light
  • Compatible with multiple laser systems



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