532 nm KTP

Exceptional efficacy has helped Aura stand the test of time. Its power and versatility are enabled by combining a series of advanced technologies in one system. Parallel contact cooling, continuously adjustable spot sizes and exceptional portability will enable you to deliver exceptional acne clearance as well as vascular, pigmented and cutaneous lesion results.

Exceptional Outcomes

  • Utilize KTP’s ability to effectively treat both pigmented and vascular lesions
  • Deliver naturally purpura-free treatments
  • Target hard-to-treat lesions with exact spot size necessary


  • Eliminate over treatment - Precision treatment allows you to optimize energies while minimizing risk of over treatment
  • Protect Skin Continuously - Cool before, during and after each pulse for optimal epidermal protection
  • Deliver energy evenly - Flat top beam profile provides uniform energy delivery without hot spots

Ease of use

  • View targets clearly - Open window design enables exceptional view of lesion during treatment
  • Hold handpieces comfortably - Lightweight, ergonomic handpieces enable exceptional comfort